Here are ALL of the events that we offer! If a specific event is coming up, the next available date will be listed, otherwise stay on the lookout for what sparks your interest!

Looking to try your first event? All Pack Night, Pack Nightlight, and Monday Motivation and Movement events are open to the public for $20. You can sign up for the monthly newsletter with event announcements OR purchase your single event tickets HERE

Pack Night Events
Primal Community, Expressive Spaces, and Self-Development

Fri Feb 5th     Pack Night core content 

Fri Feb 19th    Primal Resilience current events & covid vigilance

Fri Mar 12th     Pack Nightlight kid-friendly! core content

Sun Mar 7th     Pack Meal social space for packmates & AMA

Fri Mar 19th     Primal Prowl global timezones/audience friendly! core content

Wed Apr 28th    Tender Paws slower, gentler content for recovery from injury and trauma

Wed May 26th     Primal Empowerment erotic primal play & personal discovery

(TBA)     Get Your Rawr On! stretching & sound exercises for primal development

(TBA)     Monsters & Shadows a series on deeper, darker primal play

(TBA)     Pack-Minded primal polyamory skills & ethics

Upcoming Packmate-only, Pack-centered Events


Sun Feb 14th     PACKMATEDATE a platonic V-day social space for packmate sweetness

Sat Feb 27th     PRIMAL PURGE primal ritual container for grief, rage, release, and renourishment

Primal Wellness Events
Drills & Exercises, Physical & Mental Health, and Conscious Self-Defense

Monday Feb 15th    Monday Motivation & Movement 

(TBA)     Fitness for F*cking 

(TBA)     Stripping for Yourself  

(TBA)     Primal Mobility

(TBA)     Apocalypse Survival Skills

(TBA)     Gun Safety For All

(TBA)     Martial Arts     

(TBA)     Precision Strikes & Takedowns

(TBA)     Self-Defense for Protestors, POC, Trans & Allies

Transformative Events
Ritual Exploration, Human Connection, and Self-Discovery

(TBA)     Seat of Power

(TBA)     Vulture Culture Kink

(TBA)     Herbal Ordeals

(TBA)     Edible Inks

(TBA)     Covid-Conscious Quills

(TBA)     Quill Cleaning

(TBA)    Advanced Quill Techniques & Tool Crafting